Sunday, October 18, 2009

Basement Project

Less than a month after we bought our house we started working on the basement that was completely unfinished. After 2 months of hard work we went from a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house to a 5 bedroom and 3 bathroom house. We did that so we could help out our friends Alisa and Fernanda. So, not only the bedroom and bathroom numbers got bigger but also the number of people who live here. It is really nice to have the girls here helping out with cooking, cleaning and babysitting.
This is the step by step photos of the bedrooms: Framing
Here is the final project:
Here is how the bathroom was:
Since I didn't like how the light wood looked with the green granite, I stained it dark. I also added handles to the drawer and a knob to the door.
This is the final bathroom project:
(Bryce writing now) Marcia did such a good job with choosing the colors, and materials. This bathroom turned out excellent. It is a joy to visit this lavatory. It feels like something out of a pottery barn magazine. I was especially impressed with her idea to stain the vanity. Marcia was really the project coordinator, and kept everyone on track and made sure they had materials and tools. She also lived like a single mom frequently during the 2 months taking care of the kids and everything else so I could work on the basement until midnight or 1 am. She also did a ton of work with me, and always did an excellent job, making sure everything she did was perfect.

I'm so proud of my handy husband! Bryce with the help of friends and "how to" online videos did some of the drywall and mudding. He did the wall and ceiling texture, install all the doors, the baseboards, trim, toilet, light fixtures, tub surround, tile, vanity, backsplash, etc... He also did the electricity and luckily no fires have started yet.
We would like to thank all of our friends who helped us with this project:
Jake, Don, Austin, Andrew, Preston, Eri, Fernanda, Sandro, Alisa, John Hobbs, Elza, Doug, Jesus, Chase, Tiago, Aaron, John Wilson, James, and especially Bruno, who came here everyday and worked about 70 hours before he went on his mission. Here is Bruno at his farewell:


Natalie Walker said...

It looks great!! Way to go, you guys. That's a LOT of work to do yourselves and figure out. You should be proud!

Aaronius said...

I can't say I've seen a finer lavatory. That is a spectacular piece of work.

Aqualung said...

I'm so impressed, you did an excellent job. I'm amazed you got Don and Austin working on the mud and they weren't wrestling. Congrats!!!

Tracy Barrand said...

Yah, when I saw Marcia putting on those doors like a builder I said "Heck" this is one talented couple. what a Mammoth amount of work. Hooray for the project completion! I saw it at 80% and It looks so nice.

Juliana said...

Marcia seu basememnt ficou otimo...Amei o banheiro, ficou lindo...Parabens....Nao vejo a hora do meu ficar pronto...beijinhos