Sunday, February 24, 2008

We are moving to Arizona

I'm serious. I'm going to look for a job there right away. No, actually I'm not serious. Its just that I'm soooo tired of sicknesses that kids get during the cold winter's here in Utah.

We just got out of the hospital after a two day stay with Lucas. He started having a fever Friday morning and we took him in to the ER, then they admitted him, and did some tests that would take 48 hours, and we had to keep him there until then.

Needless to say, I was not excited about staying in the hospital for another two days. We just got out of the hospital... And I haven't even seen the bill yet for this one, which is probably not going to make me feel any better:)

To make matters worse, Friday morning, right when Lucas was feeling really warm, Sam woke up with serious eye-buggers and bright pink eyes. Great. (In case you didn't know, the easy recipe for pink eye is to take a 3 year old with a runny nose, and have him clean his face by wiping the snot into his eyes) We had so much going on with Lucas that day, that we didn't have time to try and get Sam into his pediatrician. Which meant that we would have to take him to the Urgent Care on Saturday. So I was planning on spending Saturday bouncing between the Urgent Care and the hospital.

Thank goodness that one of the Nurses at the Hospital was kind enough to write the pink eye prescription without Sam having to go to Urgent Care. (By the way, shouldn't pink eye medicine be over the counter?!?!?!)

We took advantage of the system and let the nurses take care of Lucas on Friday night so we could come back home, just the 3 regular-sleepers in our family, to get a "good" night sleep. But... Sam work up at 4:30 in the morning freaking out that he couldn't open his eyes because they were sealed shut with "pink-eye goodness". It was at this point that I decided that we should move somewhere warmer.

So if you know of any great project management jobs in a more temperate climate let me know.