Monday, July 2, 2007

Water Babies

In the Barrand family we love the water. So here are some pics of us enjoying ourselves in the water.

The first ones are a great pool near our house in Lehi where we have gone a few times. Marcia likes to lay out in the sun, while the boys play around in the lazy river, the big slides, and getting in trouble with the lifeguards telling us not to throw Sam so high up in the air :)

These next pictures were taken the last time we went boating with Jake and Jamie. Their boat is a blast! We love being on the lake on a hot summer day, its a perfect way to enjoy friends, family, and the wonderful world we live in. Not to mention that when Marcia gets in the sun, her skin just soaks in all those rays into a beautiful dark color. We would have had some pics of Marcia wakeboarding, but our photographer had to go. (We didn't know it at the time but she was pregnant, so maybe it is better that there is no proof of her going wakeboarding while pregnant)

This last picture is of Sam "helping" me mow the lawn. He really loves to lend a hand!