Sunday, August 2, 2009


This post is a big mash-up of all the summer fun we have been having. In fact, we have been so busy making the most of it, that we haven't had time to do a proper blog post :)

There have been two major themes for Marcia and Bryce this summer: Soccer and Mountain Biking. Any given day of the week, it would be a safe bet that there is a mountain bike on the back of one car and soccer gear in the other. And on some special days, we may have it all crammed in together.

Danica and her kids came to visit and we went with them and Marybeth's kids to Dairy Days at Thanksgiving Point. We made butter and ice cream, rode horse carriages, had free ice cream and chocolate milk and Sam rode a pony. Then, Jaime and her kids join us too. The kids loved it!

For Jaime's birthday, Jake got a place in Park City and we had a girls night out. Hot tub, games, chick flicks, pedicure and the next day shopping at the Outlet mall. It was a lot of fun!
Ethan, Sam, Lucas, Abby and Jade. Since we just moved, we are really going to miss our neighbors. Sam couldn't stand to be inside if Abby and Ethan were outside. We are sad to not live next to the Kimballs anymore :(
Here at our new house, we don't have any grass, just stiff weeds, so when we play outside it has to be on the cement or at somebody else's house. Here is Sam, Lucas, Josh and Dekker playing with the water in our driveway.
This is the Hogan family reunion at Heber girls' camp. We had dinner, roasted marshmallows, spent the night at the cabin and had a delicious breakfast the next morning. It is great to do these get-togethers with Bryce's side of the family. Sam especially likes to play with Eli.
Here is Great-Grandpa Hogan, playing with Lucas.

On our way to the pool on Pioneer day we saw the firemen spraying foam into a field. It looked fun so we joined in. It was a celebration for Foam day, whatever that is.
Ero and Sebastiao, our ward friends celebrated their 35th anniversary and we had a really fun Brazilian Barbeque at our house.
Mountain Biking up American Fork canyon. What a beautiful place!
July Girls Night Out with the Brazilian girls. We went to a Japanese restaurant. The food was delicious and we had a lot of fun!
Marcia: My friend Denae invited me to join an indoor soccer team and now I'm is addicted to it. Our team was the champion of the season, so we all got a "Champion T-shirt". Sometimes I play 3 games a week!

Here is Bryce and Andy in the middle of a grueling, difficult 3.5 hour bike ride all over the Wasatch Mountains.
We had a ward picnic and I got to play tennis, volleyball while Bryce and Austin played monkey in the middle with the men.

Bryce playing indoor soccer again. Hopefully no more accidents and surgeries.
Since our church doesn't start until 1pm we go to the park every Sunday with the kids. We have an awesome park by our house with tennis courts, sand volleyball courts and baseball fields.

Whew! Its been hard to keep up with us this summer, but now you can get a glimpse into the fun we are having!