Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's another boy!!

According to Brazilian "voodoo" I was supposed to have a girl this time. Since this pregnancy has been a little different from the first one, I thought so too. The funny thing is that I had a dream that I was going to have a boy. The dream seemed so real but because I'm not the type of person who has "prophetic dreams" I decided to just ignore it. Also, whenever Bryce thought about the baby he could only imagine a boy. He decided to ignore that too. Bryce and I were quite sure we were going to have a cute little girl and this time we even had a name picked out. But when I had my ultrasound this week, we found out we are having another BOY. I asked the ultrasound technician "Are you sure? Sometimes people make mistakes." The lady laughed and said " I'm so sure that it is a boy that if I'm wrong I'll buy you a whole girl wardrobe then come to your house and repaint the room pink". Though Bryce was kind of disappointed, he was happy about not having to spend a lot of money on girl's outfits and bedding set. The hardest part now is to think of a boy name...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chuck E Cheese

Because Josh had been doing well with his potty training, Jake and Jamie wanted to reward him by taking him to Chuck E. Cheese with his best friend Sam.

The night was probably the funnest thing the boys have done in a few months. They played just about every game in the joint, and in the end they got exactly 1000 tickets. They were running around very giddy, and kept returning to Marcia and Jamie to show them excited fists full of tickets. Oh yeah, Josh and Sam also had some fun, but nothing compared to their Dads.

We "persuaded" the guy at the counter into giving us two toys worth 900 tickets, for only 1000 tickets. So the little tool kits you see in the pictures were worth a lot more than what we had :) It was better this way so that both boys ended up with a cool toy. It was a nice cap for the evening.

Goodbye to Shawn, Natalie and Mia

Utah is now a much darker place. It's not just the rainy weather. My best friend from high school has moved out of the area, all the way down to Dallas :( Our last little Hurrah was to go the "the Pie" in Salt Lake and then for some ice cream with Shawn, Natalie, Mia, Wally, Lindsay, and Sadie.

It's been a blast to live so close and hang out on a regular basis. Good luck in Texas Shawn! and you are always welcome to come back!


Since the summer was winding down, we decided to enjoy some of the last nice weather by going to the zoo with the Runyans. It turned out to be a great trip. The highlights were the bird show, the baby monkey and rare white alligator ( not albino).