Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peeps! and a great Easter weekend

Danica, Dave, Jesen, Tiger Lilly, and Dad all came into town for the easter weekend. It was a great time to get together. We did a big heroscape game, a couple of egg hunts, malt-o-meal, soccer game, and more than anything else, we make peep dioramas!

My buddy Micah is hosting the competition, and so we thought we'd give it a go. You can see my display as well as Danica's on their blog here.

Danica, Dave and Dad's is the "Lincoln's last peep show". And mine is "Don't fear the peeper (more cowbell)"

You might not get it... so if mine doesn't make sense, you are probably out of touch. To get in touch, just watch this video: , (in case you miss it, the name of the song is "Don't fear the reaper") and then you can see how this video has be come a cultural phenomena here. and here.

ps. you may recognize that pergo used for the floor, as scraps leftover from my last home project :)

A big week

This was an incredible week for us. My favorite family, The Villanuevas (Bobby, Francis, Ayana, and Amaris), from my mission, made the trip to SLC to get endowed and sealed. They were baptized just weeks before I went home, and I was very close to them. It was an amazing experience!

My favorite part was the actual sealing. It was different from all the others I've seen because there was only one person in the room who was "just watching". Everyone else was part of the ceremony. In other words, it was a very intimate setting. The sealer was great, and we all cried like babies.

We got to go out to eat with them a few times, play in the pool at the hotel, watch a scary movie, look at mission pics, and generally have a great time. Bobby became Sam's best friend immediately by showering him with Cars presents. Sam, and the rest of us were very sad to say goodbye.

Here are some pictures from their visit.