Sunday, November 4, 2007


We went down to the game with Jake and Jamie, and it turned out that the ticket that was supposed to be left for me at will call, and Jake's vouchers didn't work. So we were at the stadium without tickets, and the game was sold out. We pulled some strings and bought a $30 ticket for $10, and then found a girl who was just giving away a $14 ticket. So just Jake and I and the boys went in, and the Girls went home.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. It was at least 60 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. BYU played very well and we won easily 35-16. It was one of the highlights of Fall for me.

Here is a picture of one of our touchdowns. Max is handing off the ball to Tonga, who ran in for a touchdown.


Sam loved Halloween. His favorite part was giving candy to the kids who came to the door. He was so excited, he waited at the window for them to come, and when we ran out of candy, he wanted to give what he had gotten from trick or treating.