Monday, October 17, 2005

Watch Out Notre Dame

BYU played like a bunch of champs last Saturday and would have blown out CSU, if not for two turnovers, but I'm not going to complain.

Jesus, (pronounced hay-zeus) thanks for the birthday tickets, they really hit the spot. It was Marcia and my weekend highlight.

Shawn, your Utah team gets worse and worse, they are playing for last place in the conference next weekend. I don't think you will "spank our little bottoms" as you are keen on saying.

Just you watch, we are going to win in South Bend against number 9 Notre Dame, right under Touchdown Jesus. The Catholics versus the Mormons. Notre Dame is going to so bummed out after such a heartbreaker against number 1 USC last week, that they are going to cry themselves to a loss against BYU. I looked on the ND site and they didn't have a word about BYU, this sat, instead the focus was all on the epic game that had just passed, but we had a lenghty article about preparing for ND. I bet all the player from both teams are re-watching the USC ND game, but BYU is watching to prepare for next week, and ND is watching and weeping. Having said that, ND lost their season opener against us last year, and I don't think they are just about to forget that.

And way to go Curtis Brown, season high 147 yards. CSU had as much sucess stopping him as keeping water in a leaky bucket.
After explaining the rules all day before the game to Marcia, I was hoping to see Todd Watkins and Harline catch the ball and show off BYU's amazing passing game, but if the run game is working, just stay with it. Lets see what happens against ND. If we will this next one, I think we'll win the rest of our games, then go to a bowl. And who knows, maybe TCU will loose twice, and we will win the conference. that would be a long shot, but possible.

One last note, I saw that TCU has been ranked 21! What would have happened if we had beat them! Curse that missed PAT!