Sunday, August 31, 2008

BYU Football season starts

BYU started this season with a big win over Northern Iowa. I got some tickets from my boss, and we got to sit on the 5th row. It was amazing.Lucas really likes BYU football. You can tell from his face.

Brazilian Festival

A lady from our ward threw a large Brazilian party last Saturday. Marcia and the boys were some of the Indians in the parade.
I like how Sam wore his BYU shirt in the parade. Just goes to show you that he is more cougar than he is Brazilian.
Sam got a "shark"(read dolphin) painted on his cheek, while Marcia and I asked for a "Y" to show our BYU spirit at the game later that day.

Las Vegas

We also took Sergio and his family to Las Vegas for a quick tour. It was so nice to see my brother and his family. It was really sad to say goodbye.

Hogan Family Reunion & Sam's B-day

Bryce's mom planned a fabulous pirate birthday party for Sam, including a treasure hunt, swords, earrings, patches and everything. Thank you Tracy!!

Here is Sam fearlessly leading the ship-mates in search of the buried treasure:

Then getting the treasure:
We also had a wet and wild water fight:

My brother Sergio and his family visit

My (Marcia) brother Sergio whom I hadn't seen in 9 years came in from Japan with his family for a great visit. Since it was their first time to the United States we crammed a ton of activities into one very short week.
We saw a bunch of the sites on temple square. It was the first time we have seen the Joseph Smith movie. We were very impressed.

Here are the kids dressed up as Nephi's family, with the great and spacious building behind them.