Friday, September 18, 2009

Sam starts kindergarden

Sam on his first day at school. He loves school so much that he even wants to go on the weekends too.
Sam was chosen to be the star of the week. We had to make a poster about his favorite things. Riding his bike is one of them.
We also included on his poster that he does gymnastics,
and when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, he responded "I want to be a missionary".
Sam presented his poster to his class. He showed them some of his gymnastics tricks and even taught them some words in Portuguese.


Celeste said...

I'm so glad you put him in kindergarten this year! How fun for him. I can't wait to see your new house- and the finished basement. It's hard to see all the family together, and not be there.Looks like you had a fun summer!

Fisher Family said...

Adorei a parte que o Sam falou que quer ser um missionario quando crescer! O Talan fala que quer ser um magico, super heroi, etc., nada perto de missionario.

Fisher Family said...

Marcia quando que o Sam fez 5 anos?

Cecilia said...

Sam is so cute and smart! I love all his funny faces on all the pics :D