Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lake Powell

Last weekend we spent 4 days in lake powell with some family friends. It was an amazing trip

Here is the big house boat we were on.

Here are my parents with little sam. It was pretty wonderful how every time he got in his uncomfortable life vest, he just went straight to sleep instead of crying. So here he is asleep.

Here is Marcia and I up one of the little canyons. Check out the tan on that girl.

Here is me wakeboarding. This is right before one of my sorry attempts at a backflip.

Here is marcia wakeboarding.

Here is my dad Marcia and Sam happy as a clam in his life vest. (he'd be mad at me for showing him with the girly, pink binky. Sorry Sam)

Here is a sunset from the top of the houseboat.

Here is the monster cliff that my dad and I jumped off of. You can see us little specks at the top. According to the rope we dropped down, this is a 87 footer. I'll never do that again. How are your ribs dad?