Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Here are some pictures to show what is going on in our life right now.

March Madness starts! BYU is doing well and we are excited for the cougars to win some games in the NCAA tournament this year. We saw BYU beat Utah in a nail biter in the Marriot Center.

Sam got some weird allergic reaction and it was keeping him up at night with insane itchiness.

Sam got a black eye by running into the stair.

Marcia is fighting with some postpardum depression, but she is trying to put on a happy face. It helps that Lucas is very healthy and all in all a great baby.

Sam really loves laying next to, holding, touching and playing with Lucas.

And Heroscape! We(I mostly, Marcia not so much) love playing Heroscape. I made a bunch of cool customs and it's a lot of fun.