Friday, March 2, 2012

Ensenada Cruise

One of the biggest highlights of the year! Rain took everyone on a cruise! It was the first one for all of us and we totally loved it.

Here is us getting on the boat.

Our room had a nice ocean view.
It was great to see our friends from Rain, especially Melissa and Diego. 

Here is us leaving the Long beach port.

The food was probably our favorite thing! All you can eat, and you never have to worry about paying. Yes! 

The boys loved these bunk beds.

When we arrived in Ensinada Mexico, we saw some seals hanging out next to our boat. Cool!

We crammed 25 people into this van. It was like sardines, but we didn't want to have to rent 2 vehicles!

Here we are playing jumprope with a big string of seaweed.

Richard and Tyler looking awesome.

Sam and Lucas with their new toys.
The boys loved sitting in the hot tub.

The comedian on the ship, loved Utah. He asked to take a picture with all of us "Mormon posse".

The people taking care of our rooms had some serious skillz with the towels!

Here is a pod of 100's of wild dolphins swimming next to the boat

What a fun trip. We gotta do this again :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kelly Show

Marcia and Allison Robinson woke up early to go to the Kelly show. Alec Baldwin was the co-host and Kelly was great at interacting with the audience. Larry the cable guy, better known in our house as the voice of "Mater" from cars was a guest. There was also some guy from some famous show that we probably should recognize. This is one of the coolest things about being in NYC is the chance to do stuff like this!