Sunday, June 10, 2007

Graduation Ceremony

2 weeks ago Dad flew out for my graduation ceremony. It was a great weekend, lots of fun. On Thursday we had a fancy dinner. Friday we had the actual ceremony. Saturday we put together the garage door opener, which I got for a graduation present from dad
(thanks again!), Marcia got me Zelda for the Wii (which is locked up till I get my thesis done. Our friends Jake and Jamie just got a boat and they invited us to go the lake. We did some wakeboarding, rafting and BBQ.

Here are some pictures from the graduation dinner. Sam was a little wild man, and Dad had to take him outside to feed the ducks so that we could get some peace and quiet at our table.

This is during the actual ceremony in salt lake. At this point the guy behind me is putting on my "Masters" hood. Honestly wearing the ropes and robes and hoods was quite uncomfortable, and I was relieved to take it all off at the end of the day. Its ironic how the more degrees and honers you achieve, the less comfortable your day will be.

To be honest, I didn't feel like I deserved that ceremony because I'm not done with my thesis yet. So the whole time I had this pit in my stomach, thinking "I really gotta finish that paper". But its coming along...slowly...but...surely.

This next one is of just the MBA students that graduated with me. We were the first three MBA grads of Neumont university.

Here is dad doing his magic with the garage door opener. It only took us the whole day to get it up! It was a good manly project, even Sam, without being asked went and got his play tools and helped out.

This last picture is of us at the lake, having our bbq. Sam had jumped in the water so we needed to change his clothes.