Monday, January 8, 2007

Its a Wii!

Before Christmas, I told Marcia that I wanted a Wii after I graduated this summer. And the way she awkwardly responded, I thought she was going to get me one for Christmas. Really she handled the conversation awkwardly because she wasn't excited about getting a gaming system.

After Christmas, I was excited to receive the presents that I did, but deep in my heart I really wanted that Wii. We weighed out the belt and the crock pot, and the Wii, and we made the tough choice to take back some presents and sell some books so we could get the Wii. Since then we have had a lot of fun playing together, and with others. Sam likes it a lot too.

If we get a decent video camera (next christmas?) then I'll put up some video's of Sam playing. He is really cute!