Sunday, August 27, 2006

Holy Moly, some pics...finallys

I couldn't wait any longer. Here are some of the latest pics:

First of all, the latest and greatest news is that Marcia graduated!!! Horray!! Way to go Marcia! My favorite part of her graduation ceremony was when the Dean of Humanities asked the students to stand up if they met the following criteria: First he asked who served a mission, then who spoke a second language, third language, and then four or more languages. After that he asked who has lived outside the country for an extended period of time. Then who was a foreigner. Marcia was able to stand up for all of those!! I was so proud of her, I had little tears welling in the corner of my eyes. The last 2 questions he asked, that she was not able to stand for were : Who was from Utah, and who was from California. But all the questions that really signify that the person is an incredible individual, she was able to stand tall! She has really got that "stick to it attitude" and thats one of the many many reasons why I love her! (by the way, never, never never take an active two year old to a graduation ceremony!!! Find a baby sitter!!)

Ok, on to the pictures,