Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall 09

Rock Climbing up Rock Canyon in Provo with John and Elza

2009 Brazilian Festival at the Gateway Mall.
Mountain Biking up American Fork Canyon right when the leaves were turning
Sam's first field trip. They went to Hee Haws Pumpkin Farm in Pleasant Grove. Sam had fun seeing the farm animals, riding the hayride, picking his pumpkin and having lunch with his classmates.

Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving point. The kids had a blast with all the games, jump-a-roos, and treats. Thanks for the picture Spencer and Charlene!

A little get together with our old neighboors
Last day of Mountain Biking at Sundance. We had a blast letting the ski lifts do the hard part and haul us up the mountain, and then we just let gravity and adreneline guide us down. Too bad that winter is upon us. (Sniff...)
Bryce's 29th Birthday
We've got season tickets to BYU, which has been bittersweet this season.
Carving Pumpkins
Marcia's, Sam's, Fernanda's and Lucas' and Bryce's. We all felt that Sam's design was the best.
Halloween Parade at Sam's school. Sam was very proud of his "Warrior" outfit.
Posing for a picture before going trick or treating with some neighborhood friends. Lucas is Mater from Cars.
Our ward loves to do big activities, and this particular one was incredible. They had songs, dances, and slideshows for each area in Brasil, as well as tipical food from each region. It was fun to see how patriotic our Brazilian friends are.
November Girls Night Out: Olive Garden and New Moon.


Anonymous said...

voce foi no brazilian day no gateway mall??? eu tambem tava la!

Fisher Family said...

Wow! Busy, fun Fall! You guys do a lot of cool activities!

Tracy Barrand said...

I am so happy you've made so many crazy Brazilian and Friends in Provo/Lehi for you. You guys are really packing in the memories.

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

Your kids are adorable! Hope you guys are all doing well!