Saturday, June 18, 2011

National History Museum

We went to the National History Museum. Again, as with the movie Madagascar, I was expecting to see some things from the movie. But they only had a few.

Like "Dum Dum"
and the T-Rex.

The Big Blue Whale. There are some night that the kids can spend the night at the museum and sleep under the whale.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our first week in NYC

Our building
Our plane landed on Saturday (June 4th) at 6 am, we had to take 2 cabs in order to fit all of our suitcases. We were all so tired. As you can see there was no furniture, so here is Lucas taking a nap on one of the blankets we brought. On that same day we went to Ikea and we bought furniture for the whole apartment. Due to building rules, we couldn't move any of our furniture on Saturday, so we had to wait until Monday.
Here is our kitchen. A "little" smaller than my kitchen in Utah.
On the first 2 days in New York, we had frozen dinners for lunch and dinner, so once our stuff we bought at Ikea was delivered it was nice to cook again.
I was so excited that I could cook again that I even made strawberry short cakes from scratch.On our first Sunday, the church members on the island had a picnic. It was nice to meet some new friends and to see that there is a pretty good number of members here on Roosevelt Island.
It took us 2 days to put together all of our furniture. It is nice to sleep on a bed again.

Our building.
View from our living room. The kids love to play in this park.
Manhattan view from Roosevelt Island.
Sam lost his first tooth. He actually lost 2 at once.
Sam at his School Field Day. He finished first grade in Utah but we had him go to the Roosevelt Island School for the last 2 weeks of school here so we could get an idea of what the school is like.
There is only one train line that stops on the island, but we can also take the Tram. It is a 3-4 minute ride to Manhattan. You just use your metro card and the view is amazing! There are several movies where the tram was featured, including Spider Man.
Going to church riding the tram.
The boys love the tram.You always hear that New Yorkers are mean. I have to say that there are some mean New Yorkers, but there are also really nice ones. A guy at Costco bought this huge bear for Sam. He asked Sam if he could lift the bear without letting it touch the floor. The guy thought that Sam wouldn't be able to, since the bear is HUGE but he did it and the guy said: "I promised I would buy the bear if he could do it so I will." The Yankees hats were given by these two nice ladies after the game. The ladies said "If you come to a Yankees game you need a Yankees hat." I almost bought the hats for $15 each. Glad I didn't.
Central Park Zoo. Our family loves the movie Madagascar and I was expecting to see some lions, giraffes, hippos and zebras, but to our surprise, Central Park Zoo is a pretty small zoo with none of the movie's animals. But the kids still enjoyed to see the sea lions and the polar bear.
Here is a picture of comedian Jim Gaffigan doing a free show at Central Park.Bryce got to play softball at Central Park.

Times Square