Monday, October 10, 2005

Corpse Bride

Wow, what a movie, very creative. I loved the exaggerated proporitions of the characters, huge chins and foreheads, shoulders etc. The movie was just a whole lot of fun. I wouldn't take little kids, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a family film.
The part I liked best was how the dead girl played piano (so she had similar interests as the hero) but he still knew that Victoria was the one for him. Meaning that just have similar interests isn't the most important thing.

Thank you BYU

They finally did what we all know they are capable of: winning. This byu team is so fun to watch, and when the offense starts clicking like they did on saturday and against TCU, they can be incredible. Lets pray that it continues against the CSU rams next weekend.
My favorite players: Beck and Harline. Beck is the fourth leading QB in the country, and Harline has just started shining for the cougars. Everytime he catches the ball, he'll keep running after one or two guys hit him. Let them double cover deep-threat Watkin, and leave Beck to keep throwing it to Harline.
So here is a big thank you to BYU.