Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sam's Soccer Season

For 2 months, every Saturday we had Sam's soccer games. Sam absolutely loved playing soccer. He was in the 7-8 year old league, so he was one of the youngest and smallest on the team but he played with a lot of heart. The coach had him sub out a lot in the beginning of the season but by the end of the season, he was one of the star defenders. The coach noticed Sam's ability to defend, and would have him mark the star player of the opposing team and try and prevent them from getting the ball. He did really well.

His team got to play in the championship game and won 1st place on penalty kicks! The final game was way more intense than I imagined a little league game could be. Parents were going nuts!

This was one of the proudest moments as a parent to see all his hard work and dedication pay off.
                                                         The coach and the champions


Friday, November 11, 2011

Empire Estate Building 11/11/11

We chose the coldest night of the year to go up to the top of the Empire State building. Of course we were underdressed and when we got up to the top, it felt about 20 degrees colder than it was on the ground, AND the wind was whipping unbelievably fast. We still enjoyed ourselves. The view was breathtaking! Such a monument to industrious man-power. Next time, we'll go on a summer evening and watch the sunset from up there :)