Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brazil 2010 trip

One of the highlights of 2010 was our big trip to Brazil. Marcia's family had never met Lucas, and we were itching to watch some world cup games with the rest of the Brazilian soccer fanatics.

When we were flying out of the LA airport, Lucas tried running out the doors while Bryce was holding his hand. The force cause a "pop" and Lucas started screaming. The paramedics came shortly thereafter and recommended that we not get on our flight to Brazil, and instead take him to the ER. We figured that we should take our chances, and just try to get medical attention after getting to Brazil. Miraculously Lucas was ok after fashioning a splint out of a magazine and an ACE bandage. Once we got to Sao Paulo, we took him to a Doctor who twisted his dislocated wrist back into place.

It was great to be able to see a lot of Marcia's family. Here is her cousin Elena who made a killer fillet mignon dinner for us.
We also took some family pictures with Marcia's mom and dad. This was taken right before we went into the photo studio. We got to stay with them for 2 weeks while eating a lot of food and watch a lot of soccer.
Marcia's dad liked taking us around to see different sites. On this particular day we went to see his investment property in Taubate. This picture was right before we saw a pack of wild street dogs gang up on one of their own in a violent canine tussle.
We then traveled down to Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil where Marcia's sister Regina lives.
While in Porto Alegre we headed up to a very cool European town. They had little chocolate factories, a fun lake and lots of cool things to see.
Regina and her husband Sergio own a sushi shop, which was great for us to munch on delicious sushi :)
Here was one of the restaurants where we watched Brazil win one of its games. This was such a fun environment, with everyone cheering/screaming Brazil on, and delicious food.
We hung out in Ubatuba, which has some incredible beaches. The weather was nice enough to enjoy the sand and surf.