Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July

This 4th of July was a blast!! We had tons of fun and were all exhausted by the time we finally made it into bed. We were lucky enough to have Danica, Dave, Jensen, Mom and Dad in town for the festivities.

It started with the hot air balloons down in provo. There were a bunch of theses flying around. My only question is: where do they land?

The next thing we did was to go to the scout breakfast for our old ward down in provo. We had some good pancakes, and got to see some old friends, like the men and women we worked closely with in our callings and got to know quite well.

After the breakfast we went to the big Provo parade. Some friends gave us some great seats on the grass in front of their business, but that wasn't good enough for dad. He took a blanket and Sam and went down and sat in front of everybody else right on the street, even though we got there long after everyone else. Here are some pics of the parade

Here is the float that Marcia was going to be part of, but since she is expecting, and walking for 4 hours in 100 degree weather isn't the best thing for her, she decided that is was best to participate in the parade from the side.

I love seeing the missionaries, this made me want to cry when they walked by. I thought of Aussie and Tiana, and how proud I was of them.

Of course, then came the army guys, and I thought of Don, and that made me want to cry too. I'm really proud of him too. He gets deployed to Iraq in 3 weeks!! He will definitely be in our prayers.

The next thing we did (after taking a nap) was to go to the lake. Jake invited us for a bbq and boating. Here are some pics from Utah Lake. This tube is a blast. We took Josh and Sam on it really slow and they loved it. Then the grown men got on and Jamie pulled the boat top speed swerving back and forth trying to flip us off the tube. We screamed like little girls and Jamie and the waves won, knocking us off a few times.

Sam and I love to jump off the boat and just swim around the lake, the water is like 80 degrees, so it feels great. This is a nice view of how beautiful the valley is where we call home. For as much as I wanted to leave Utah when I was at BYU, I sure enjoy living here.

Last but not least we laid down on some blankets close to the Stadium of Fire and watched the fireworks. I have to say it was the most I've every enjoyed a fireworks show. Maybe it was because of our proximity to the show, or the advances in technology, either way, it was wonderful. (I don't have any pics of the show, but Marcia did take some from the little fireworks our neighbor lit off the night before:) So just image this little guy, times 1,000)