Monday, March 31, 2008

Decisoes dificeis

--update: this post was an april fools joke---

(Eu estou escrevendo em Portugues porque eu nao posso falar essas coisas em Ingles, porque tem pessoas no trabalho que leem meu blog)

Lembram como eu falei que nos iamos procurar trabalho no Arizona? Comecei fazendo so de brincadeira, mas, eu acabei achando um otimo trabalho. Eu faria coisas parecidas como eu faco agora, mas com menos programacao, e mais gerenciando. Parece que eu vou ter um groupo de 8-10 pessoas abaixo de mim, e eles vao ser programadores tambem.

E uma decisao muito dificil porque nos gostamos muito da nossa casa e de nossos amigos em Utah mas parece que a decisao certa e aceitar este trabalho. Vamos ver, nos temos um tempinho para aceitar.


Juan said...

Mesmo algumas piadas não são engraçadas em 1 de abril, Bryce.

Andy said...

My translator worked like a champ:

( I am writing em Portuguese because I nao may I speak with those things em English , because tem people at work what leem meu blog ) They remember like me I spoke what on the iamos seek I work into the Arizona? I began doing so of play , but , I acabei finding a optimism I work. I should do things alike like me faco but , but with less program , & mais gerenciando. It appears I go have a groupo of 8-10 people below of me , & they vao be programmers drum. & only one clear a good deal dificil because on the are fond of a good deal from our she weds & of our friends em Utah but it appears the clear certain & accept este I work. Let's go see , on the we've a tempinho to accept.

Brad said...

So a new job in Arizona? That would be cool. You'll be in a position over 8-10 programmers? Sounds like management to me. It is hard to leave UT, I know. It was a difficult thing to leave behind all our friends and family and come out to the barren wastelands of Illinois. It gets better though. And you work harder to make friends (and so does everyone else) because you DON'T have friends and family around. So it won't be too bad.

Good luck with all that! It'll be great if we end up in New Mexico. We'll be that much closer to you!

Courtney Lennberg said...

Yeah, it is April 1st. I'm waiting for further confirmation.

Sokphal said...

Those months of Portuguese class kicked in! I understood most of your Portuguese. Geez I'm amazing. Like that you're so sneaky about this entry. Hahaha. Keep up the good work on your blog Marcia and Bryce! Hope the both of you are well! Tchau!

Courtney Lennberg said...

Still waiting for you to reveal the validity of this post :)

The pic was in Hawaii last summer, BTW. And yes, it would definitely be better than a snowy day, any day.