Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trip to CO

We had a great trip to Colorado. It started with a drive out to CO on our 5th anniversary! Due to the occasion, I wanted to take Marcia to a nice restaurant. We found this cool little Italian place in Grand Junction, and were very happy to do something special.

It was $40 for the food, and we split the meal, and the proportions were insanely small. By the way, the meat is hidden under the parsley. It was good food though.

Lucas had an insanely incredible blowout. Here is the onesie that we just chucked because it was not salvageable. This was gross city. Thank goodness that both Marcia and I were there, so we could team clean this one.

Once in Colorado, Sam wasted no time getting into trouble with Jensen. They snuck away and filled up the tub and threw in a bunch of junk, like statues, apples, cups, starfish etc.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing my little brother Don, who just got back from Iraq. We got to play Frisbee in the park for a while, and I was in heaven.

Here is us at the Denver zoo.

These little monkeys were teeny tiny. The bigger monkey is about the size of my fist.
About 65% of the time Sam and Jensen got along really well. And Sam wanted to hold his hand.
We had a great experience doing Lucas' blessing at my parents home. It was a very spiritual experience. Dad gave a great testimony, mom played the piano well, and it just turned out very nice.

It was great to spend some time with Tiana as well, after she got home from her mission. She was real excited to play with all the nieces and nephews.

On the way home, I missed the turn, and we drove an extra 110 miles. Aaargh. We didn't get in until after midnight. It was a miserable close to an amazing weekend.


Jaime Runyan said...

Hoorah for a new post!!! I didn't even know you guys went to Colorado! Sounds like a very eventful trip. Glad you made it back ok- even if it did take and extra 110 miles.

Courtney Lennberg said...

I've been waiting for a new post and you failed to disappoint... good job! That may be the worst blowout pic I've seen in a good long while. Why is it always on roadtrips that our babes choose to have the most utterly disgusting pooping experiences? Why, I ask? Lucas is so cute-- I need to see that baby. And Marcia, you look awesome! Bryce, you're not so hard on the eyes either, I guess. Anyway, it looks like a fun trip home! We miss you guys! We need to coordinate a Denver trip or something.

Cecilia Mills said...

How fun! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun! I love all the pics except for the blowout pic!!!LOL
Say hi to Marcia for me, since I won't be seeing her every sunday anymore! (We just moved to the american ward by our house)

Aqualung said...

Did you have to place the blowout picture next to the meal shot?

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh Bryce, when I read this, I realize how many great things happened in just one weekend. I am SO glad you sacrificed to come here and let us see Lucas blessed. We miss your family so much and love you to pieces.

Anonymous said...


ican feel the spirit when I read this blog. You are such a cute spiritua family. Even Lucas looks full of the spirit. Very spiritual. Congrsts on Achieving that!

Shawn Walkerster

Cecilia said...

kfoettMarcia, I would love to have you come with me to the Blog Party next year! It was kind of a last minute thing for me, so I didn't get a chance to invite any of my brazilian friends! Put the date on your calendar for next year!! It will be fun!!!