Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Birthday!

Marcia's birthday was yesterday, and it was very excellent. I surprised her by taking the family to a nearby horse farm first thing in the morning. I had gone around earlier in the week and knocked on the doors of our neighbors who had horses running around in their yard, and asked if I could bring my wife by and let her ride. The people I talked to were nice, and the lady you see in the picture was super excited that we would even ask to ride her horse.

Marcia had no idea what the surprise was :) The first picture is her in a "perplexed and curious" mode, when she was worried what in the world I was getting her into.

When we arrived and Marcia realized that we were going to ride horses, she calmed down a bit. She rode a horse called LD, and then we got to feed the horses some treats. Sam loved it, and Marcia enjoyed it as well. Sam was making horse sounds the rest of the day.

After riding horses, we spent a few hours at the mall, looking for birthday clothes for Marcia. Sam rode the carousel, and wanted to be like mom, and ride a horse.

After the mall we went to my soccer game, and we won! It was 7-0, and very fun. It was a good close to our season.

After the soccer game, we went to dinner at Shoots with the Runyans. Mmmmm, lettuce wraps.

Finally when we rolled into our driveway late that night, we put Sam down and played DDR for a while.

It was a great day. Oh yeah, and Lucas smiled for the first time as a nice bday present for Marcia.


Tracy Barrand said...

I didn't know you liked horses! Too bad she wouldn't let you run out in a field.
Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Boo I am so jealous. That was so nice of you to arrange free horseback riding Brycert. Marcinia, I'm taking lessons this summer. When I go up to the to the mountains, do you want to go pack in on a horse and camp with me? Sounds fun huh?
love mxoxoxoxm

Courtney Lennberg said...

Happy Belated Birthday Marcia! You are looking all tiny and fabulous-- how do you pull that off so quickly? What a fun birthday, but freak guys, isn't the end of March supposed to be warm enough to NOT necessitate winter jackets?

By the way, we laughed ourselves silly over the dioramas. It took me back to the third grade. Great great ideas!

Mikidees said...

Happy Birthday Marcia!

Natalie Walker said...

Happy Birthday, Marcia! I wish we could have been there to help celebrate. We miss you guys and I'm so glad I've finally found your blog so I can keep tabs on what you guys are up to.