Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peeps! and a great Easter weekend

Danica, Dave, Jesen, Tiger Lilly, and Dad all came into town for the easter weekend. It was a great time to get together. We did a big heroscape game, a couple of egg hunts, malt-o-meal, soccer game, and more than anything else, we make peep dioramas!

My buddy Micah is hosting the competition, and so we thought we'd give it a go. You can see my display as well as Danica's on their blog here.

Danica, Dave and Dad's is the "Lincoln's last peep show". And mine is "Don't fear the peeper (more cowbell)"

You might not get it... so if mine doesn't make sense, you are probably out of touch. To get in touch, just watch this video: , (in case you miss it, the name of the song is "Don't fear the reaper") and then you can see how this video has be come a cultural phenomena here. and here.

ps. you may recognize that pergo used for the floor, as scraps leftover from my last home project :)


Mikidees said...

The peeps were super funBryce. Thanks for having us and inviting us into the peep show!

Christine said...

Awesome cowbell peeporama! I voted for ya. :)

Aqualung said...

OK Bryce you win. If they ask about "more cowbell" on Jeopardy then it is a cultural icon. It just makes me feel so old to not know about such things. Thanks for helping an old codger catch up to modern life.

Walnut said...

peep dioramas. that is so funny. only an awesome family like yours could think up hilarious activities like this at holidays