Sunday, October 21, 2007

October's getting colder

Yesterday things really turned cold here in Utah. It was sad because I had my little plane all ready to fly and it was very windy. I guess I'll try again next week. We went over to Jake's to watch the game. (good job byu, by the way) and it was snowing very hard by the end of the cougars romp on E. Washington. It was a great day to sit on a nice couch instead of a frozen bench at the stadium :)

Afterwards we went to the 5th Brazilian ward activity in 4 consecutive Saturdays. This was a Halloween Dance and here is a picture of our outfits. Sam's is the same Frankenstein costume from last year (sometimes having a kid that doesn't grow much is a good thing), and Marcia and I reused the caveman apparel that mom sewed for our last family picture.


Brad said...

Sam looks too convincing as a Frankenstein. I love the spiked hair. The mention of snow makes me miss Provo a little...but just a little. ;)

Jaime Runyan said...

Sam's hands look creepy in that shot!