Sunday, October 14, 2007


I had a great b-day this past week. Marcia got me a cool rc airplane and some gift certificates to a Japanese book store online so I can buy some Japanese movies. Mom and dad got me a remote for the wii, and wii play, Jake and Jamie got me season 3 of the office, Marcia made me a cake, breakfast, took me out for a Brazilian lunch.
Jake and Jamie brought over pizza and then we played a little wii, then watched a Japanese movie. It was a great day. After I get a chance to fly my plane, I'll try and post a video, or at least tell you all about it.


Brad said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday. Can't wait till my 27th!

The Runyans said...

Happy Birthday! It was fun to celebrate with you!

micah said...

I love Tonari no Totoro. We actually have the whole Miyazaki collection and I think that is up near the top of the list.

Happy belated birthday, by the way.