Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cornbelly fun

Last night we went to Cornbelly's Halloween extravaganza at thanksgiving point. It was a blast. Here are some pics from our evening.

First the Barrand trio (not counting the forthcoming baby) went to Emmits food shack. This place is expensive but a lot of fun. If anyone reading this has "Emmit" in their name, then we need to hook up, becuase this little food shack gives away free meals to people who can prove their name is Emmit.

Then we met up with the Runyans at Thanksgiving point for some more fun. Sam and Josh's favorite thing was these pumps that would send water down pvc pipes with little rubber ducks. They had a blast, and before long they had taken all ducks from the other, bigger kids.

Marcia and Jamie got in on the fun too.

Here is the Monster that they have there. We went into the mouth, and heard the loud heart beating, and I decided that we better get Sam out before he starts developing a fear for monsters. The thing was pretty scary.

Here were some fun balloon trampolines. Sam and Josh loved these too.

Then, those who could fit in the child-sized cars (ie Marcia, Sam and Josh) rode on the cow train.

We played a game of tetherball Barrands vs the Runyans, where we could only hit the ball with our sons. It was fun, till we got excited and were swinging the boys around a little too hard :)

We also watched some robotic chickens sing, did a corn maze, watched people shoot corn and pumpkin cannons, and really enjoyed ourselves.


Brad said...

In all our years in UT, we never went to Thanksgiving Point for the Halloween fun. I'm a little jealous.

I think child tether ball is a fantastic new sport!

mark said...

Do you know how painful it is to see all those pictures of the grandkids and not to have participated. What a fun time.

Tracy Barrand said...

Utah is a fun, fun, fun place for cute little boys in scary costumes.

Mikidees said...

That looks like so much fun! we should come down to play with you guys.

b-ryce said...

Bianca, that would be fun! Come whenever you like! You always have a place with us!