Friday, August 10, 2007

Winter Park, CO

Our family vacation started with Brooklyn's baby blessing. Sam got to meet his little cousin and he loved her. He wanted to hold her and he was always really nice to her. Hopefully, this means that he will be a good older brother.

After the blessing we went to the Hogan family reunion. We had fun canoing and playing games around the fire. Sam loved his older cousins, especially the ones who kept giving him M&Ms.

The next day we drove to Winter Park. There we had fun playing "truco", ( a Brazilian card game), the train game, going on hikes, bike ridings, barbecues, playing wallyball, swimming, driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, playing miniature golfing etc.

By the waterfall we hiked to

Tracy got us these orange shirts so we could say: "Orange you glad you came to our family vacation?"

One of the days we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was very beautiful. We saw quite a few herds of Elk, but none were as impressive as these bulls which we ran into at the top of the world. (Really, we took this picture a few hundred feet from the highest paved road in the world. We were a few hundred feet above the tree line)

We celebrated Sam's 3rd birthday two weeks earlier. He had fun singing happy birthday to himself, blowing candles, eating cup cakes and opening presents.

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