Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Austin NAMM Show

A couple of people from mediaRAIN went down to Austin Texas for the NAMM show. All in all it was a great experience and we had a worthwhile trip.

This first picture is of the amazing house that we rented out while down there. It was beautiful and just outside of the city.

My boss bought this "freakin sweet" hat for me at a gas station.

Here is our booth at the show. It looked quite nice, and very different from the rest of the other displays. Ours was much more tech savvy, people loved looking at our big iMac computers.

Here is the Afred Publishing booth, mediaRAIN and Alfred were buddies over this conference, we brought quite a few people over to their booth, and they brought a bunch of their clients over to ours. We are excited about a deal that we are doing with them to sell their sheet music using our player.

For those of you who may have played Guitar Hero, you might recognize this next pic. This is actually Guitar Hero III, to be released later this year. They had a demo that I was able to play, it was pretty much the same thing as II, still really fun, just better graphics and more songs.

Here is Tyler holding the Wii remote for GH for the Wii. I'm excited about this, it is such a fun game. Anyone know the release date?

This is the John Lennon recording-studio/touring bus. They had performances everyday during lunch. My favorite was Ben Rector, shown here. I talked to him after his performance and he was a very nice guy.

While driving over the Colorado river leaving downtown Austin everyday around sunset, we noticed hundreds of people lining the bridge. It occurred to Andrew that he had seen a discovery channel special on how millions of bats flew out of this bridge everyday at around sunset. So we stopped and watched the bats, which was a very interesting experience.

Here is an 8 string bass.


Tracy Barrand said...

Nice booth. I would have stopped and talked to you techey guys.

Footbush said...

That house was SO COOL!