Friday, August 24, 2007

Sam's third birthday

Since we had already celebrated Sam's birthday with our family we decided not to do anything crazy, and just have the three of us do the things that he likes.

So we went bike riding around the pond.

Finally bought him his favorite movie, Cars. And we even let him stay up late watching it :)

We went tubing down the river again.

And we busted out the sprinkler toy that my parents gave him for his birthday. He loved it!! He kept doing somersaults over the water!

Happy birthday Sam!! Its been 3 very fun years!! We love you buddy!


Tracy Barrand said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! I'm so glad you do somersaults in the sprinkler....good start to gymnastics.

Brad said...

I loved the days of playing in the sprinklers. Why is it so fun? I'm not really sure, but it makes for a great Saturday afternoon activity!

Mikidees said...

I think Sammy has two camera faces 1. lion growl and 2. lion growl
Happy 3rd Sammy!

Mike & Jackie said...

I like marcia's helmet. Maybe I could borrow it sometime. Hope you guys are having fun over there!