Sunday, March 6, 2011


We went down with the Hudsons to Zions for a family vacation. The weather was pretty warm and we really had a lot of fun.

While hiking around in Zions, Sam was running along this little cement curb. We warned sam that he shouldnt run there, and that he might fall. Sure enough a few seconds later... faceplant. Within a few minutes he had a decent goose egg.
One of the funniest parts of the trip was when Bryce and Noel drove 2 hours way up to Goosebery mesa to do some mountain biking, but when they got to the top they realized that Marcia actually had Bryce's keys so they couldn't unlock the bikes from the car and just had to turn around and come down without doing their bike run. Bryce was kicking himself for doing something so stupid. Thankfully we extended the trip another day so Bryce and Noel could get their biking fix in.

Bryce took our Hyundai Sonata up the rough 4x4 roads to the biking spot at Gooseberry Mesa the first day, and didn't want to inflict further damage on our poor sedan for the next trip, so when Noel's brother Kellen met us for lunch driving a cool 4x4, Bryce tried to convince Kellen to join them. Kellen's first reaction was "But I don't have a bike..." To which Bryce responded that they would procure one. After digging around a bit, they found this old bike in the garage that hadn't been used in a decade. After replacing the tire tubes and putting a little grease on the chain, the bike was pronounced "ready for some intense slickrock action". Sure enough, the bike held up for the first few miles, and on the way back the seat broke clean off. Have you ever rode a bike one tricky trails with no seat? It is harder than it sounds.

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