Sunday, February 6, 2011


For the superbowl Bryce had to work on a project for Under Armour. It was this photo booth that was on display at the NFL experience event just days before the big game. After that, Marcia flew down to meet him to look at houses, since at the time we were looking at moving down to Dallas for Bryce's job. The first part of the trip was a very miserable experience for Bryce since he had to write some custom software for the big event and he only had a few days to figure it all out, including writing code like crazy while on the plane, in the hotel, and during the event to get the software just right. In the end the client didn't like it, and they pulled it all out anyways.

Things got a lot better once Marcia arrived, and we were able to enjoy one another's company and look for places to live. The houses were ok, and in hindsight we were really glad that we came to NYC instead:)

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