Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day fun

Here are some pics of our busy memorial day. We didn't do anything like yard work, we only played around.

First of all, we took out the canoe on the little pond by our house
Then we played tennis with Dustin and Sue
Sam found this piece of styrofoam and had a blast playing "magic carpet" with it. I love this picture :)
Then Jake and Jamie took us out on their boat.

Afterwords we went back to Jake's house and had a bbq. It was a great day.


Tiana & Preston said...

FUN FUN FUN. your right that picture of sam with the foam is cute but i think i like marcia playin tennis
We need to do something some time soon again.

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh my goodness. Marcia looks so tennis pro in this px. She beat Austin in CA!

Aqualung said...

That picture of Sam is dynamite, I only wish it could have been a short video to capture his exuberance.

Gabi and Steve said...

Oieee! Vcs conhecem a Suelem tb? Ele eh muito divertida!! It's so fun to see how many people we know in common. How are you guys doing? A casa ficou muito chique!!! Bjs.