Friday, May 29, 2009

My Birthday and "Before and After" Pictures

This year for my birthday, Bryce got me a kitchen island and a mountain bike.
Since the kitchen island came without the countertop it was a good excuse to get granite countertops for the whole kitchen. And since we were getting new countertops it was a good excuse to paint the cabinets and put handles on them. And one thing led to the other and we got a new 8 inch deep sink and a new faucet.Also we stained our table.
I love "before" and "after" pictures. I love to see the difference between how it was and how it is after you do something to it.
Kitchen Before:


Table Before:


So since I'm showing pictures of the kitchen here are some pictures of Sam's room where we also changed a few things:
Sam's room before:

Sam's bed and dresser before painting:



Natalie Walker said...

Wow!! Your kitchen looks amazing! How fun to redo it all!! Way to go - very designer...

Tom and B said...

It looks amazing Marcia! I love the colors a lot. Hope you are all doing well.

Brad said...

you're kitchen looks so good! that must be so nice to cook in!

Aqualung said...

I think you get your fun designer gene from your mother-in-law. Love what you have done with the place, but you forgot the flooring in the front room.