Monday, March 23, 2009

Speaking at Flex 360 Conference

I just got accepted to speak at the Flex 360 Conference in Indy! I'm very excited to speak there, I've gone before and it is a well put together event, widely recognized in my field. Here is their site (with a mention of my name even!)

Here is my session info:

Session Title: The art of project management in large-scale Flex projects

Session Description: There are many tools and tricks to help project managers develop enterprise level applications. Topics covered will include: Gathering project info, creating the WBS (work breakdown structure), developer accountability for hours worked, centralizing code, project management software, and healthy client communication.

Session Level: Anyone, but will be most beneficial for project managers, team leads, or agency owners.

About me
: I'm a project manager at Rain Interactive ( where I am also a senior Flex developer. I've managed many enterprise level, large-scale projects (1000+ man hours) for recognizable companies such as HP,, and Alfred publishing. I have an MBA from Neumont University. I enjoy taking an active part in the Flex community by contributing to open source projects, and have attended numerous conferences such as MAX and 360.


Brad said...

That's really cool Bryce! Way to be a presence is your field!

What Open Source projects are you involved in?

Aqualung said...

WOW!!! that is so cool. It's very impressive to be selected like that, you must be thrilled. It fills my heart with such joy to see your maturity and talent recognized by the peers in your industry.
Way to go Bryce.

Mikidees said...

THAT IS SO COOL! I hope this dosent make you too cool to hang out with us over Easter.