Sunday, June 8, 2008

Barrand update

This is a soccer time of year. We won our 3rd game in a row last night in my indoor league. And I think that puts us into first place in our division. Last week we went to the Real game. We had great seats, and Real won.
Sam had his little pre-school graduation. He is still having some troubles overcoming his fear of standing/sitting/performing in front of an audience.

Sam had his first trip to the dentist, and he did great. No cavities and he didn't pass out like I did earlier this year.

Warm weather means boating with the Runyans! Here is Jake as the sun was setting on our last trip to the lake.

Marcia and the kids.


Tracy Barrand said...

Congrats on a winning season so far!!! Don't you love summer and all the water fun. Can't wait until the 4th.

Celeste said...

WHat fun! We are gonna go to a soccer game here in Boston-And I'm excited!

Courtney said...

That all looks AWESOME. Its good to see that life doesn't stop with two kids! Thanks for the great preview of what is to come.

Mikidees said...

KICK IT! Way to go on the soccer games. Can't wait to see you guys over the 4th

Shawn said...

Bryce and Marcia and sam and the other little one,

You all are soo cool. You play soccer and you are all bilingual, except for the little one, and you all like to smile. Three healthy things to do in life. But what are some other things that make you cool?

Can you speak cantunaisses?
Or change your own oil?
Or cook a boar in an undergroung pit of heat?
Or do a standing long jump farther than 4'18" or 5'6"? Did you know that is the distance?

Or can you keep your cool when there are a lot of bees flying around you?

Think about that for a while.