Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Serendipity/Ryan Lennberg/Summer Days 8/17/11

Ryan Lennberg (one of Bryce's high school friends) came to NYC on a business trip and he came to visit us while he was here. We went to Serendipity and got their Frozen Hot Chocolate. Yummy! Did you know that they filmed part of "I am legend" in Serendipity?
We had to take him to Times square of course!

There was an event where Park avenue was closed so bikers could ride their bikes from 60th, all the way to the Brooklyn bridge. Sam and Bryce took advantage of this unique opportunity, and it was a blast! It is such a cool feeling to cruise down Manhattan with a bunch of other bikers enjoying a beautiful day, and lots of sights and sounds. NYC is such a fun place! (although I'm sure anyone trying to drive a car in the city today hated it...

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