Sunday, August 31, 2008

BYU Football season starts

BYU started this season with a big win over Northern Iowa. I got some tickets from my boss, and we got to sit on the 5th row. It was amazing.Lucas really likes BYU football. You can tell from his face.


Mikidees said...

Lucas you are too cute buddy!

Aqualung said...

It's great to catch up on all your activities. Sign me up for some of those footballs Colorado when they play Air Force.

Natalie Walker said...

Byu's defense looked horrible tis last week against Washington. They were lucky their offense looked equally horrible.

Shawn M.

Villanueva's said...

What a great smile. Lucas such a cute baby.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Hi Marcia (Koseki Shimai)
I saw your blog on Verusca's and had to stop by to say hi.
I hope you don't mind if I stop by often.
Kanoe (Fuchigami) Kahalekomo

Courtney said...

He is such a good looking kid. Go cougs. We miss Lavell Edward Stadium.

Tupea said...

How fun you get to go to the games. Ahhhh. One of the few things I miss about Provo. Your family is too cute!
Hugs to you and the family,

Luisa (Mataele shimai) Tupea

Walnut said...

if you make the picture bigger- half the people are looking left and half the people are looking right.

cute kid guys

Penguin said...

How is Bryce doing? I hope he is alright. Let us know if you need anything.