Monday, June 30, 2008

My buddy Tim

I got a surprise recently when my good friend Tim Fitzrandolph told me that he was looking at a job out here in SLC. We were best friends for a while in highschool.

It looks like a really exciting position for him, and hopefully he goes for it!

He came out here to check things out, and we got the chance to go out to dinner. It was a fun night, two white guys and a bunch of cute Asians.


Mikidees said...

It is great to see Tim. Hopefuly he will get the job.

Aqualung said...

WOW I didn't recognize Tim at all. So glad to hear he might be coming to SLC. I remember when his mom said Utah was the last place on earth Tim would ever go to.
You should have told about the time in the Soccer game you displayed righteous anger at the Mexican ref and got kicked out.