Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas and New Years

What a great holiday! We really had a blast. Here are the images to prove it!

Just before christmas, we made a bunch of personalized cookies for our neighbors for our FHE activity. (including some "BYU" themed cookies for our misguided Ute neighbors)

One of the highlights was the time we spent up in Brekenridge Colorado. We got to stay in this amazing condo in exchange for listening to a condo presentation. The "presentation" ended up only being 5 minutes long. We told the presenter that we really weren't interested because my parents own lots of timeshares, so we don't need to buy because they give us time, so we got sent on our way! What a good deal!

Up in Breckenridge we went to a Childrens museum that was a blast! Lots of fun creative things to play with. Here is a picture of the little medical center in one corner of the museum.

We also did a little sledding.

On Christmas morning Sam finally got to open his "Mack" from the movie cars. He has been looking forward to this for months!

Marcia pulled a fast one and totally surprised me with Guitar Hero for the Wii. She told me it was for my dad when she bought it and I totally believed her. I also got DDR.

Sam and Grandma working on the Gingerbread house.

Marcia, along with the nurses from Thailand and Lebanon gathered to make a Christmas-ornament factory powered by foreign labor. It was fun to meet these girls and they just loved pampering Marcia when she was not feeling well.

Heroscape was a definite theme on the trip. We played it at least once a day. This is how we ushered in the new year, with a wild game of Heroscape. Way to take them out Sudema. Thanos ain't got nothing.

Right before we drove back to Utah, we went the Aquarium in denver. Dad works there as a volunteer diver. He was a crackup. He did back flips to show off, waved to all the kids and scared Sam and Jensen.


Britt said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun over the holidays! And your "misguided ute neighbors" enjoyed the cookies from their "disillusioned BYU neighbors"!

Mikidees said...


b-ryce said...

Thanos may rise again, but Sudema will just keep turning him to stone :)

Mike & Jackie said...

I HAD fun playing guitar hero the other day and dance dance. Glad that you guys are back. DOnt leave again.

Marcia, I wouldn't suggest letting that little doctor deliver you baby.

mikeandjackiew have invited you to the "guess that Mii" contest. Click the link to particiate!
you might not be able to figure them out.

Tracy Barrand said...

Bryce, you got such a good px of the tiger. Wasn't that an awesome day. Sammy is my favorite 3 year old in the world. I wish I could play with him for just an hour every day. His imagination is almost as big as yours was. I love imaginative kids!

Jaime Runyan said...

LOVE the doctor picture. And come on Bryce- you knew you were getting guitar hero- but at least DDR was a surprise! Thanks for inviting us to play.

micah said...

Hey guys, I haven't been to your blog in a while. It looks like your holidays were really fun. I also liked the pictures of Sam. What a cool kid.

Also, how did your dad become a diver for the aquarium. I totally want to do it. I got certified in Hawaii, but the East River just isn't quite the same.

Aqualung said...

What a great vacation. I'm glad we could be part of it. Mom wants us to get Heroscapes so we can compete with you.

b-ryce said...

He knew a guy who worked there, then had to go through some trainings. He really likes it, and talks about it practically every time I hear from him. good luck! Do you have an aquarium close by?

Walnut said...

we went to the aquarium and the children's museum (denver) too. twas really cool. sounds like you really liked the Heroscapes game. We played a new game called 'Curses'. its hilarious