Friday, September 14, 2007

I feel a kickin'

Marcia and I are laying in bed after a wild night at chucky cheese's and though we are winding down, our little baby is getting riled up. I can feel her kicking and thats a lot of fun. There is actually a little person in there!

Marcia is one amazing little oven. I can't believe what a miracle it is to have a human grow inside you!


Heidi said...

Hey Bryce,
I hope it's ok that I check in once in awhile to see what you guys are up to! I love seeing how things are going! Congrats on the pregnancy, you guys get to confirm if you're having a girl pretty soon, right? (At least it better be a girl, otherwise you'll have to find a new name!) I, too, am expecting, I don't know if Dan told you or not, but it took us two years and we're just thrilled. We're having a boy and he's due the first week of December. Hope all is well, and Sam is a cutie!!

The Runyans said...

That's awesome that you can feel the baby move now! And I'm wondering why you didn't post one of those awesome pics of Checky Cheese's?!?!

b-ryce said...

I will, I'll put one up here in the next little bit. That was a fun night!!