Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sei What!?!?

This year for Christmas my in-laws decided to go to Costa Rica. Since we've been trying to get pregnant, when I was just about to pay for Sam's ticket, I wondered if it might not be safe to fly if I was late in pregnancy. I talked to the travel agent and she said that I wouldn't be able to go anytime in the 3rd trimester. But since I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not, she told me that I needed to get a pregnancy test as soon as possible. (Kind of a funny advice to get from a travel agent that I never met) I got a pregnancy test as soon as I got done talking to her and then test came out POSITIVE!!

We are so excited! We've been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 months. I know that it didn't take too long but for us it felt like it took forever. Even though it would be very hard in about 8 months, we'd be happy with twins this time... At least it feels like it could be twins because I'm twice as sick as the first time.

But, if it isn't twins, we are thinking that it will be a girl.(we won't find out for a few months). And as opposed to last time when we decided Sam's name just a few weeks before he was born, we have already picked out a name. We like "Sei". It is a Japanese name meaning "pure", pronounced like the English word "Say that you love me." The Japanese character looks like this 清 (if you browser supports Japanese symbols).

We like this name a lot and are excited about giving something representative of her Japanese heritage. When we ask Sam if he wants a sister or brother, he tells us that he wants a sister. It's an exciting time for our family! Keep Marcia and baby Sei in your prayers.


Brad said...

Congrats you guys! That is so great. Only 2 months, that's how I see it. You must be a fertile bunch of people. I like the name Sei, it is pretty and I think it's great you're preserving your Japanese ancestry.

Huzzah for you guys! You will be missed in Costa Rica though.

The Runyans said...

Yippee!!!! We are SO excited for you. Although I think you might want to pick out a boy name too (we thought Dekker would be a girl) I do love the name Sei for a girl- and she'd be the perfect little girlfriend for Dekker to have around! Congratulations again!

Mikidees said...

Yeah! ongrats. You definently need to have a girl. She already has a name and two girl cousins!

Tracy Barrand said...

Sei Sei will be the cutest Japanese Brazilian Brycian baby ever born on the earth. What if she is MORE active that motor-boy Sam?

b-ryce said...

Thanks for your comments! We like the name too, we like it so much we haven't talked at all about boy names!

Plus all the women in our Brazilian ward do these voodoo things to tell the sex of the baby, and they all say it will be a girl.

And mom, I don't think she could be more active than Sam. Thats just impossible.