Saturday, March 3, 2007

New House!!

For those of you who haven't seen our new house yet, here are some pics. We didn't want to put too many good pictures here, because we want you to come experience the house for yourself!

This first one is when Private First Class Don "arm-strength" Joshua Barrand came to our house for easter, and that was great! We loved seeing him! He was fit and trim and did some one-armed, clapping push-ups.

This is Sam's bathroom. I think Marcia did a great job with the decorations. Sam really likes the jungle theme. In fact we are working on potty training, and we tell Sam that there is a turtle in the toilet, and the turtle wants his poop and pee. So when Sam says that he wants to go to the bathroom, he says "I want to give some pee to the turtle". He has been doing well recently with going to the bathroom on the toilet.

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Tracy Barrand said...

These are such great px of your house and yes, you and Marcinia did such a great job painting and decorating. I always smile when I think of your fam in this sweet abode.