Friday, October 13, 2006

Finally... Brazil Part 2: Rio de Janeiro

It took us so long to post the 2nd half of our trip to Brazil. To be exact, it took us 6 months. But here it is. While we were in Taubate visiting my parents, we took a quick trip to Rio, the famous Copacabana Beach City and where the Christ Statue is.

Sunny Day on Copacabana Beach. Our hotel was just across the street from the beach. The sand was incredible. Very soft and white. It is a famous beach for a reason.
Christ Statue ( Corcovado-Rio)
Rio City View from the Christ Statue. The land feature in the upper left of this picture is called the Sugar Loaf.

This video is of us on the Beach in Rio the first day we were there. It was a little cloudy and I let him fall in the water, sorry Sam. The waves and wind were very strong. If my dad and brothers were there, we would have had a lot of fun body surfing, but as it was, I was a little intimidated by the large waves and no one there to participate in the buddy system with me.

This is a video taken from the lookout at the foot of the Christ Statue. As you can see the view from up there was breath-taking. The land is very hilly and extremely lush. As we just started driving up the long, windy, cobblestone road that lead up to this incredible monument we saw a chubby guy on a bike struggling his way against the steep slope. Marcia asked our Taxi driver: "Do people ride their bikes all the way to the top?!?!" He replied that some do, but "not that guy."

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Brad said...

I'm not sure that kid can get any cooler. I'm sure he'll prove me wrong though. The trip looks awesome you guys! I'm sure posting the final pics made you wish you were there once more.

Hey, now that you seem to be in a groove of more regular posting....KEEP IT UP! We love hearing about your life, and we'd love to see more pics of Sam as he grows up. I wanna hear that kid talk!

b-ryce said...

thanks brad, we will keep it up. in fact we have written all 6 brazil trip posts, but we just want to put them up one by one, so we don't overload anybody.

so look for the next brazil post on probably sunday.

Mikidees said...

Hey great pics and videos. It make me really want to travel. Im excited to see you guys this weekend. Bryce you need to wear that kickin yellow Brazil shirt all the time!

The Runyans said...

Whohoooo! You guys are finally getting the Brazil stuff posted! It looks like an amazing trip. I'm sure Marcia's family was SO happy to meet you and Sam.