Monday, October 16, 2006

Brazil Part 5: Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre ( in English "Happy Port") was our next stop. We went there to visit my sister Regina and her family.
Porto Alegre is famous for their "churrasco" (barbeque). My brother in law made us a big "churrasco" and it was so good...
Here is my sister, second to the left and her family and some friends
This was when we were saying goodbye

In this video we see Kentchan playing a little Brazilian football. He is our nephew, and Sam's cousin. Next is Sam playing on the swings with the twins Narumi and Yukari. Then Bryce does his magic backflips, and then tries to teach Yukari.


The Runyans said...

I didn't know you could do backflips!!! That's amazing. And that is one big piece of meat!

b-ryce said...

Its actually all computer graphics that make it look like i can do backflips.

Marcia said...

that is not true. Bryce is a diver. He can do back flips!