Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Latest

Just wanted to let you all know how we are doing and show off some pics

This is from my birthday party, sam found some cake and went to town.

He also got into some lotion also...

2 weeks ago We went to the BYU CSU game with the tickets we got for my birthday and cheered like crazy fans. Marcia actually understands the rules of football now, thanks to a little game i made in flash

We went to the Rodriguez Family sealing at the SLC temple and that was a great experience.

And BYU did pretty amazing yesterday, and I think that we are going to run the table from here on out. Yes, that means beating you Shawn, and your poopy little red team.


psychprof said...

Oh Sammy. You are the most handsome 14.5 month old person in the world. I love the pictures of you eating ice cream at Daddy's b-day party and your lotion experience. How I crave to watch you doing other things for hours.
Your most ardent admirer
Grandma Tracy

Anonymous said...

Bryce when you gonna post a link to your football rule teacher application? We could direct UNLV's coaching staff to it.


Anonymous said...

you have one cute kid on your hands. it's true. but you due to have some competition come may. HA HA HA. Love ya

Anonymous said...

hey bryce, just crusing the net and looking up my last name and stumbled across your webpage. anyway be interested to hear bout ur family tree. drop us a line at
al from oz