Friday, August 12, 2005

Willy vs Charlie

Last weekend I saw Tim Burtons Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was amazed. And it had a lot to live up to. I love burton films and I loved the original. So here is my comparision. I will give an aspect of the film then which I liked better.

Willy himself: This one goes to Gene Wilder. I loved Johnny depp, but gene's dry humor was perfect. Johnny depp was a little too over the top sometimes and by the end of the film it was a little like too much sugar.

Charlie: Little Freddie Highmore was awesome! I'm not suprised that burton paired depp and highmore again. they did so well together in Finding Neverland. He just seemed far less selfish, more volitional, and just fit the part better than the 1971 Charlie did.

Verca Salt: Definatley the Mel Stuart (1971) version. Far more bratty, and anoying.

Augustus, Violet, Mike Teevee: Way better in the burton version. I loved augustus' eyes, the way he looked around, it looked like he was just looking excitededly for the next thing to eat. Mike had much more personality. He was actually the way that kids are who get over-tv-ized, and I loved how Violet was driven to win, and pushed by her freaky mother.

Oopa Loompas: Burton's. Definatley. Hats off to Danny Elfman.

Character Detail: Burton's. There was more background on all of the characters.

Sets & Costumes: Burton's was way better. Take charlie's house for example. The Stuart version looked just like a sound stage with some thrift store furniture, whereas the Burton version looked great, with very rich detail, slanted doors and all.

In the end, I'm going to buy them both, but I did like the Burton version better.


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Wow, you liked Burton 5 against one. Thanks for the critique before we rent the movie. It's fun to see you analyze movies like this. We've always done this in our family....but this is going the 2nd mile. Hmmmmguess we didn't waste that tuition money huh? Why don't people think about things and analyze things more. For and I analyzed that cruise experience alot. It's for people with little or no imagination....everything is just planned for you and done for you. Getting a lonely planet book and braving it out on your own is much more adventureous and so much less "cruise ship" expensive. There were people who had their tab (for soft drinks, booze and excursions) up to $1,000 for 2 people! That's on top of the $3,200 they paid for the cruise!